Monday, February 22, 2010

We Sing, We Dance, We have Fun

On Saturday February 20th me and my mom went to see the fun and fantastic Umalali: The Garifuna Womens Project at the Roundhouse.
The fun and fantastic happened because of a great audience and 3 singers, Ms. Sophia, Ms. Marcilla, and Ms. Desiree, who were amazing! They blew the house away, in Ms.Desiree's own words "we sing, we dance, we have fun.`` Dancing, singing, and a lot of fun was definitely had by all when most of the audience joined the trio on stage
During the hour and a half performance the amount of people on the stage went from about 8 to close to 30. Throughout that period the crowd participated in many ways, by singing, dancing, and having fun! My favourite song by the audience was a little well-known song called Happy Birthday! Yep, thats right folks the ENTIRE audience sang Ms.Marcilla happy birthday.

My 2 favourite dancers were a certain SUPER tall guy wearing construction clothes and a longish grey beard.
My other favourite was a women wearing a white "I love Granville island" shirt and shaking her hips like crazy! Me and my advisor think shes definitely done African dance before. No one with that much hip skill could be a first timer.

The Umalali group has a myspace page and after you read my amazing blog you might want to check them out here. I was looking at it and at a first glance there is not that much information, but once you scroll down there is a lot of interesting info on how they made their latest CD and how the group started. One of my favourite parts is ``There is the story of how it was made: a ten-year labor of love that started with five years of collecting songs and discovering striking female voices, followed by recording sessions in a seaside hut, and ending with exquisitely detailed and subtle production wizardry.``

It was great to watch, there was such a great atmosphere in the air. I am very glad I went.



  1. Sounds like a great show! I love that the Games are bringing in so many new cultures to experience :)

  2. Yes there is definitely amazing shows hapening in Vancouver!