Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Torch!

On Friday the 12th, day 106 I saw the torch passing down 6th
street. The actual torch relay itself was really great to see, but I can't help but say i was saddened to see how much advertising was a part of it. Coke came first handing out free coke, then RBC handing out flags, and honestly, thats NOTHING to do with Canada. It just makes me really sad to think that Coke and RBC cared more about there advertising then about the torch bearer and Canada.

I, Emma djwa Own rights to this photo


  1. Haha AWESOME PHOTO!!! Not to mention the copyright you put in ;) You should really consider being a photographer! Haha, even a reporter! And yep, I agree, lots of ads!

  2. thank you :) and thanks so much for reading all my blogs

  3. Haha no problem! :) Reading them is a daily commitment for me, because the way you express your opinions is hard to leave alone!