Friday, February 12, 2010

Barbed Wire over Flame?

Protesting the 2010 Winter Olympic Games citizens of Vancouver went as far as to use barbed wire to stop the Olympic torch from hitting home. Many people were disappointed as the protesters succeeded in stopping the torch. Changing the route from Commercial Drive to Clark Drive. The protesters won't stand for Commercial Drive being part of the torch relay because its the urban centre, and the home base for many of the protesters.

Many protesters chanted "No Olympics on stolen native land" going back to before many of us were born to the early days of George Vancouver. Now, yes its true George Vancouver and the original settlers of Vancouver most likely stole the land from the Aboriginal Peoples. But now we live and celebrate here just like the Aboriginal Peoples do. I mean, we're not that different...

Today during the protests I noticed that many of the protesters protesting the stolen land were not native, in fact i think the majority weren't.

Another thing I noticed was that different people said different things the largest group being the stolen land protesters but there were also people with instruments, many signs and in the true Drive fashion, CRAZY CLOTHES! This slogan was on a huge banner carried by two devils "with glowing hearts we seethe and writhe." Hee-hee it was great! I don't really understand why we would want to seethe and writhe but, a great example of Commercial's feelings. Another slogan being "homes for all" expressing the fact that Vancouver needs a lot of social housing. Due to Olympic policies put in by our governments, I imagine that quite a few other things are going to be put ahead of social housing on the city budget. But I don't know.

Many people disagree with the protesters but I think they have every right to tell people their opinion and express it to the world. The protesters didn't hurt anyone. In fact, I found watching the protesting parade almost as much fun as the torch. People who were expecting the torch strongly disagree with me as many people were quite disheartened to miss the torch. But you could also look at it from another point of view. Both the protesters and torch bearers won, the protesters had a successful protest, and VANOC ( VANcouver Olympic Committee) continued elsewhere.

And no-one was hurt.


  1. Hey, where is the photo of stefan? If your not gonna post it, atleast let me see it. ^.^

  2. ok i will i may post it when its a slow news day. but besides that do you like the post?

  3. Very impressive commentary on a controversial topic Emma! I look forward to reading more ;-)

  4. Hey emma this is really good. I was reading it and I forgot it was you. Sounds just like CBC but better.
    Keep up the good work,

  5. Great blog!!! I really hope Mr. Low is giving you bonus marks for this, because all of it is SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!! Simply "amazerful" :) P.S. your pictures make me jealous! (haha) Joking but they're really great!

  6. thank you guys so much! you guys are really awesome! (jake! Shifa!)

  7. Emma, I appreciate that you say “Many people disagree with the protesters but i think they have every right to tell people their opinion and express it to the world.” It seems to me there has been an effort to try and prevent anti Olympic opinions from being expressed. A fundamental pillar of democracy is the right to decent. Without decent there is no Democracy.
    Here is a bit if interesting history and an example of how a different view from the mainstream can have a really positive outcome.
    In 1972 The NDP formed government in BC with Dave Barrette as Premier. They defeated the Socred Government of WAC Bennett, and the Bennett government had been lobbing to bring the Olympics to BC and had budgeted a large amount of taxpayer’s money for that purpose. When the NDP came to power they withdrew BC from the Olympic bid and used the money budgeted for the Olympic bid to build recreation centers in communities and towns all over the province. Something that the former government had insisted the province could not afford to do.
    Our present governments, Provincial & Federal want us to believe that yes to the Olympics is the only normal or logical choice, but every story has more than one side, and they are all worthy of being heard.
    Keep up the great work; I’m looking forward to following your Blog!

  8. Thank you so much Eric. wow thats pretty cool that the NDP did that, that was a really good choice on their part