Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beauty within...

Beauty amidst the chaos of Vancouver:
In Vancouver our whole city is in an uproar, panic and excited state. Some are FURIOUS the Olympic games are allowed in Vancouver! Some are panicking because of a worry about the lack of transportation, the lack of snow, and the enormous amount of traffic promised come February.
On the other hand sometimes it a good idea to step back smell the roses (or in the case the snowdrops) and realize that no matter what happens Vancouver will pull through.

Happy February Vancouver
Emma Djwa

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i just wanted to tell you (now that i know) what i am going to do with this blog. I am going to talk a lot(if i can). HOPEFULLY i will be blogging twice a week but being a teenager and all i kinda have a tendency to overbook myself :) (oops)
A piece of advice for those of you who are reading this:
look for me when you are "checking you facebook" :) :) :) Don't we all do that :):):)


Saturday, January 9, 2010

19 years of history...

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Well not quite a history but a very good future......
Nineteen year old Patrick Chan from Toronto hopes to bring home an Olympic medal from Vancouver 2010. Chan was almost out of the running as a small tear in his calf at the end of the summer, caused a major setback in his training. Because of this Chan came away with a saddening 6th place in Skate Canada when he returned.
Chan after his quick rise to stardom said that a win at the olympics would be "icing on the cake." Besides being a world class skater Chan is also fluent in 3 different languages, English, French, and Cantonese.
Patrick Chan is an inspriring hard-worker on ice and though spoken word. I think this guy has a great chance at bringing home a medal.
So i say: