Saturday, March 20, 2010


I met Sumi!!! Last Wednesday I met Sumi outside of the Thunderbird arena! He was really nice and gave me a HUGE hug! I wanted to talk to him but he had to many admirers :)(sigh)
Once inside the arena we found our seats and settled down to watch the game. Korea vs. Swedan. Korea won in the end, but I was hoping for a Shoot Out. Now that would have been exciting! The neat thing is how well they manouver their sleds! They get around and smash each other just as hard as able-bodied players do.
Another exciting part of the sledge hockey was i got a t-shirt! I know what your thinking, "she bought a t-shirt yipee!" (with major sarcasm!) I agree that would be boring, but! The t-shirt I got was not a purchose. Nope it was a catch! Yep thats right your very own reporter caught a t-shirt STRAIGHT from the cannon! Its a very nice t-shirt to, it says PARALYMPICS on it. Unfortuantely its a size to big. Oooh well, its the price I pay for free stuff!
Talk Later!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rick Hansen

On Thursday, March 11,2010 I went to a play.
A play about Rick Hansen's life. Rick Hansen
(if you didn't know) is the most inspirational man I have ever known, not to mention one
of the most inspirational men ALIVE! Rick lost the use of his legs at the age of 15, hitchhiking home from a fishing trip. The car Rick was hitchhiking in crashed sending him and his friend flying. Rick landed badly, severely injuring his back, causing a SCI (spinal cord injury.) After about 8 hardworking, frustrating months Rick was released from the hospital. He went down to his favourite spot for fishing. But upon catching a fish, he was pulled into the river along with his wheelchair nearly drowning. By the strength of his arms and his will, Rick pulled himself and his wheelchair out, ALL BY HIMSELF! WITHOUT THE USE OF HIS LEGS! Because Rick accomplished the amazing feat of pulling himself out he realized "[his] attitude is more important than what happened." Going on this philosophy Rick grew up to be the man we know. The founder of the Rick Hansen foundation. Even before he formed the Rick Hansen foundation he made many changes, traveling the world as the Man in Motion, he started a wave of change. Teaching people that people with disabilities are just as capable as able-bodied people. That they have hopes and dreams and the ability to make them come true.

Traveling about 2 wheelchair marathons a day, Rick covered the world in just over 2 years! Its no surprise he went on to win 9 gold medals in the Paralympics, living up to his dream of representing his country in the Olympics. He just lived the dream a little differently that's all.

Now you know a little (a lot) about him let me tell you about my personal experience meeting him. When I met him he was surrounded by people. Everyone wanted to meet him! I mean who wouldn't! But he was genuinely happy to meet people and interested in what they have to say. When I got to talk to him the first time he wished me luck on my journalism career, and when the photo didn't work he suggested taking it after the show. I was really touched that he cared enough to suggest it and to wish me good luck. It was as if he was as interested in me as I was in him. When I went back to met him again my advisor heard someone behind her say " that's it! He's with kids we'll never talk to him now!" or something like that.
One of the questions I asked was " what do you want to say to kids watching the Paralympics?" He wants kids to realize first and foremost that the Paralympians are atheletes just like Olympians. They work just as hard (if not harder) and deserve just as much attention, admiration, and respect. Rick also wants people to see the human stories in the Paralympics. How the atheletes made it to the Paralympics, how much they train, what inspired them to become the Paralympian they are. And to be inspired! To start dreams of their own and become whatever they can or want.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!
More about Rick Hansen is on his website! At

Did you know? That one of Rick Hansen's cycling gloves made 2! historic trips!?
Around the world and up, up, and awaaaaay!
Check out how many medals he won! At just make sure you scroll down! :)