Saturday, March 20, 2010


I met Sumi!!! Last Wednesday I met Sumi outside of the Thunderbird arena! He was really nice and gave me a HUGE hug! I wanted to talk to him but he had to many admirers :)(sigh)
Once inside the arena we found our seats and settled down to watch the game. Korea vs. Swedan. Korea won in the end, but I was hoping for a Shoot Out. Now that would have been exciting! The neat thing is how well they manouver their sleds! They get around and smash each other just as hard as able-bodied players do.
Another exciting part of the sledge hockey was i got a t-shirt! I know what your thinking, "she bought a t-shirt yipee!" (with major sarcasm!) I agree that would be boring, but! The t-shirt I got was not a purchose. Nope it was a catch! Yep thats right your very own reporter caught a t-shirt STRAIGHT from the cannon! Its a very nice t-shirt to, it says PARALYMPICS on it. Unfortuantely its a size to big. Oooh well, its the price I pay for free stuff!
Talk Later!


  1. LOVE that picture of you with the mascot!!! And haha... nice catch!