Monday, February 8, 2010

Geoff Meggs!

Today i had the amazing fortune of having an interview Geoff Meggs.
Geoff Meggs is a really awesome guy, because of several reasons. First of all he's trying to create a homelessness free Vancouver, is that an inspiring goal or what? Second of all he just a really nice guy in general, and lastly he meet with three students without any benefit, just doing a favor for some random kids. Geoff Meggs is also great in the office, he was elected in 2008 and has been working hard every since. Meggs is a great supporter of the Olympics, but he isn't one of the people who want the games for the money grabbing purposes. Geoff Meggs has always supported the games because all of the amazing achievements by the contestants and how hard the athletes work just to be at the games. Meggs thinks that the Olympics are going to be(in his words)a "remarkable experience" He thinks that the best part about the games will be the spirit of everyone pulling together and the worst part being the humongous amount of advertising going on by all the different companies. Geoff Meggs says it should be more about the the spirit of sport and community.
Geoff Meggs is going to be spending his time during the games meeting dignitaries and and going to different events. Geoff Meggs wants people to see vancouver as a "place with a good future, not a long past"
Geoff Meggs has a blog that has great information about the happenings of vancouver. Once you have finished reading my amazing blog I would suggest taking a look at his blog
The adress is

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Wow, this sounds like an awesome experience, and he sounds like great guy!

  2. I think his goals are really neat and that I hope he accomplishes them! Good job of interviewing him, Emma! :)Haha, do I post to many comments? Just wondering :D

  3. NOPE! i LOVE your comments it makes me feel waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better about my postings